What we do

Our business model

Our business model (chart )

Our products and reach

We develop and produce innovative medicines to address patient needs in disease areas where our experience and knowledge have the potential to produce transformative treatments.

  • Oncology
  • Respiratory
  • Neuroscience
  • CardioVascular and Metabolism
  • Immunology, hepatology, dermatology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Ophthalmology

We also offer about 1 000 generic medicines and biosimilars covering major therapeutic areas. They can bring substantial savings to patients and healthcare systems, and help improve access to healthcare.

  • Pills
  • Injections
  • Inhalers



where Novartis products are sold

Countries (graphic )


817 m

reached in total

Patients total (graphic )


24 m

reached through access programs

Patients (graphic )

Our environment

We live in an era of amazing medical innovation, driven by better understanding of the genetic and biological roots of disease, and surging use of data analytics and digital technology in science and healthcare. At the same time, the world’s population continues to grow and people are living longer, fueling a rise in chronic diseases. Together, these factors are increasing demand for high-quality care worldwide and pressuring healthcare systems to restrain spending growth.

Accelerating innovation


The rise in the average yearly number of new drugs approved in the US from 2014-2018, compared to 2009-2013

Aging population

1.4 bn

The projected number of people in the world aged 60 or older by 2030, an increase of 46% from 2015

Healthcare spending


The expected annual average growth in healthcare spending between 2018 and 2022

Our strategy

Our strategy is to build a leading, focused medicines company powered by advanced therapy platforms and data science.

Strategic priorities

As we implement our strategy, we have five priorities to shape our future and help us continue to create value for our company, our shareholders and society.

Unleash the power of our people We are transforming our culture to ensure people can fully apply their talent and energy. We’re creating an organization where people are inspired, curious and unbossed. Deliver transformative innovation In our pursuit of transformative treatments, we challenge medical paradigms and explore possibilities to cure disease, intervene earlier in chronic illnesses, and find ways to dramatically improve quality of life. Embrace operational excellence We are rethinking how we work, embracing agile teams and building better productivity into our company to free resources that we can invest in innovation and help boost returns. Go big on data and digital We aim to spark a digital revolution at Novartis, embracing digital technologies, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help drive innovation and improve efficiency. Build trust with society We strive to build trust with society through our efforts to operate with high values and integrity, and to find new ways to expand patients’ access to our treatments.