Mohanad Fors

Mohanad Fors has a passion for digital technology. He co-founded the Novartis Biome, a digital innovation lab and series of open innovation initiatives. He also led the team that developed a first-of-its-kind app called FocalView, launched by Novartis in the US in 2018. FocalView is an ophthalmic digital research platform created with Apple’s ResearchKit. It enables patients participating in studies of experimental eye disease treatments to test their vision on their iPhones® – without having to visit a doctor. The app collects real-time, patient-reported data, which researchers use to track disease progression. By making clinical trials more accessible and flexible, FocalView could increase the volume and accuracy of patient data. Ultimately, the work of Mr. Fors and the team that developed FocalView could improve our understanding of eye diseases and help lead to new and better treatments.

Mohanad Fors with colleagues in Basel (Photo)

Mohanad Fors (center) with his colleagues in Basel, Switzerland. Together they developed the FocalView app for eye disease research.

Mohanad Fors alone (Photo)

Mr. Fors is working to accelerate the digital evolution of Novartis and is behind a new effort to boost the digital health ecosystem.

Member of FocalView explains the app (Photo)

A member of the FocalView team shows a patient how to test his vision using the app. Patients can use the app to self-report data on their eyesight.

FocalView App (Photo)

FocalView helps patients complete various assessments like visual acuity and contrast sensitivity tests. They can do this all from the comfort of their own home – a major convenience for patients, especially those with mobility issues.

FocalView App User (Photo)

By accommodating patients’ daily routines, FocalView could break down barriers to clinical trial participation.