Our journey to build trust with society

As a global company, we have a great responsibility and an even greater opportunity to lead the world in creating positive social change. We can help catalyze a global response to complex challenges, such as the current pandemic or climate change, by embracing societal impact as a core business objective. At Novartis, we work to build trust with society and deliver long-term value to our stakeholders by embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics into the core of our business strategy and operations.

Building trust with our stakeholders is critical to our ability to deliver on our purpose, as well as our long-term financial performance. Our purpose is inherently a social one: We reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. We discover and develop breakthrough therapies and aim to deliver them to as many people as possible.

We have a clear strategic path that we believe will further accelerate our journey to build trust with key stakeholders and society, centered around four key focus areas:

  • Holding ourselves to high ethical standards
  • Being part of the solution on pricing and access to medicines
  • Addressing global health challenges
  • Being a responsible citizen

We are committed to taking real, measurable and reportable action in these key areas, and making sure that we communicate about them clearly and transparently. We are also determined to learn from and share our experience.

Our journey toward more sustainable social impact

2000 (Photo)


Sole donor to the WHO of multidrug therapy for leprosy

2001 (Photo)


Antimalarial Coartem (not-for-profit strategy)

2007 (Photo)


Healthy Family1

2014 (Photo)


Local innovative brands in LMICs2

2015 (Photo)


Novartis Access3

2017 (Photo)


Novartis access principles

2019 (Photo)


New strategy for sub-Saharan Africa

2020 (Photo)


Sustainability bond linked to new access targets

1 Health education and access to medicines for rural populations at the bottom of the income pyramid
2 Low- and middle- income countries
3 Portfolio of 15 on- and off-patent medicines for noncommunicable diseases