Adapting medicines to address unmet needs

In line with the Novartis access principles, we carry out research and development with an aim to help address the unmet needs of underserved patients, known as adaptive development. This means we continually assess our product portfolio to see where we can deliver new solutions for vulnerable populations by:

  • Developing new formulations
  • Expanding the clinical use of existing medicines into new indications and new populations (e.g., infants and children)
  • Conducting research that enables us to better pursue adaptive development of new medicines (e.g., genetic diversity)

We focus our adaptive development efforts to support our global health flagship programs in sickle cell disease, Chagas disease, malaria and leprosy (see the section “Addressing global health challenges”). We also conduct adaptive development projects in a range of other therapeutic areas to address emerging needs. Selected projects are shown in the table below.

Early in the COVID-19 outbreak, we assessed whether our investigational or approved medicines could be repurposed beyond their present indications to treat the symptoms or complications of COVID-19. This included conducting multiple large clinical trials for Jakavi (blood malignancies), in collaboration with Incyte Corporation, and for Ilaris (rare inflammatory diseases), among others. In addition, Novartis medicines are being studied in more than 30 ongoing investigator-initiated trials around the world.

Adaptive development projects

Adaptive development projects (Graphic)