Our stakeholders

We can deliver on our purpose only by working with a diverse range of individuals and groups who are important to our business. Engaging these stakeholders helps us to better understand their needs and expectations, and work together toward common goals.

The table below shows a summary of why and how we engage with our main stakeholder groups.

Patients and caregivers

We work with patients and caregivers to understand the effects of our medicines and to ensure our treatments address unmet medical needs.

How we engage

• Engage with patients and patient representative groups to ensure they have a voice in the research and development of our medicines
• Talk with patients to better understand and integrate their perspectives before we launch our medicines
• Work with patient organizations worldwide to address common goals, such as improving cardiovascular health


We build relationships with customers – including healthcare professionals and payers – to understand their needs and constraints, and to explain the benefits and risks of our medicines.

• Expand the use of digital technologies to make interactions with healthcare professionals more personalized and convenient
• Participate in scientific and medical congresses to highlight our progress across therapeutic areas and platforms
• Talk to payers to understand their needs and improve patient outcomes through sustainable access for our medicines


We engage employees to develop skills, improve working conditions, and promote an inspired, curious and unbossed culture.

How we engage

• Hold regular employee events (mainly online during the COVID-19 pandemic)
• Conduct quarterly surveys that measure employee engagement and other aspects of corporate culture
• Offer health and well-being programs, and conduct regular evaluation, training and feedback sessions

Shareholders and investors

We communicate with shareholders and other investors to explain our strategy, performance and governance.

• Hold face-to-face and online meetings with asset managers; financial and environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysts; and stewardship teams
• Hold conferences, seminars and quarterly earnings presentations
• Focus on our 100 largest shareholders, who together own 60% of our shares


We work closely with external researchers, suppliers and a variety of other organizations to help discover new medicines, improve access to our medicines, and support business growth.

How we engage

• Conduct risk assessments of suppliers, and work to improve areas such as environmental sustainability
• Foster a network of academic and industry research alliances
• Work alongside global health organizations to improve access to medicines
• Establish co-marketing, licensing and distribution agreements with other companies

Policymakers and regulators

We maintain a constructive dialogue with policymakers and regulators so that our views are represented on issues affecting our industry.

• Work with trade associations and participate in leading industry initiatives alongside peer companies
• Provide policymakers with regular data and insights to enable informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes