Our strategy

Our strategy is to build a focused medicines company powered by technology leadership in research and development, world-class commercialization, global access and data science. As we implement this strategy, we have five priorities to help shape our decision-making and ensure we continue to deliver on our purpose.

Our strategic priorities

Deliver transformative innovation

We seek to find new ways to cure disease, intervene earlier in chronic illnesses, and improve patients’ quality of life.

Our research and development (R&D) programs stand to help millions of people living with cancer, heart disease, neurological conditions and immune system disorders, as well as a variety of other diseases.

We prioritize projects with the potential to transform the standard of care for patients, and we are investing in new technology platforms – including cell and gene therapies, RNA therapies, and radioligand therapies – that offer more targeted approaches to fighting and, in some cases, potentially curing serious diseases.

Our focus on transformative innovation is expected to drive above-sector sales growth. By 2026, we anticipate approval of more than 20 pipeline assets with the potential to become blockbuster medicines with annual sales of more than USD 1 billion.

Embrace operational excellence

We strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations while maintaining high standards of patient safety, product quality and environmental sustainability. These activities underpin our investments in innovation and support our financial performance, while helping to build trust with society.

In our commercial operations, we aim to consistently deliver successful launches enabling broad and rapid access to our medicines.

Our manufacturing operations are evolving as we invest in new technologies to improve productivity and respond to the changing business environment.

We continue to transform our business services and technology functions to enable the execution of our strategy and drive profitable growth.

Go big on data and digital

Our aim is to transform Novartis into a medicines company powered by data science and digital technologies.

Using data, we believe, can improve efficiency, drive sales and spur innovation to enhance our pipeline of new medicines and improve outcomes for patients.

To do this, we are embracing data analytics and technologies such as artificial intelligence while partnering with technology companies both large and small.

We also work to ensure the ethical and responsible use of new technologies and prioritize effective data privacy and cybersecurity.

Unleash the power of our people

We continue to transform our corporate culture to support our long-term performance.

We want every employee to feel inspired by our purpose, be curious about new ideas, and work in an unbossed environment that encourages initiative and teamwork.

We are exploring new ways of working, post-pandemic, to give employees greater flexibility and ensure we continue to attract and retain world-class talent.

At the same time, we are making progress in diversity and inclusion to increase employee engagement and support innovation.

Build trust with society

Building trust with patients, customers, partners, our employees and society is critical to delivering on our purpose.

It defines our approach to managing our key environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics: being part of the solution on pricing and access, addressing global health challenges, being a responsible citizen, and holding ourselves to high ethical standards.

We strive to make our medicines accessible to as many people as possible, while embedding ethics across our business, reducing our environmental footprint, and helping to address global issues such as antimicrobial resistance.

We take a systematic approach, integrating our ESG priorities across our strategy with clear targets and reporting. Please see “ESG management targets”  for more information.

We have made significant progress since we launched our strategy in 2018.

We have improved the productivity of our R&D pipeline, delivered cost savings, and ramped up our investments in data and digital. We have also made important progress in providing access to our medicines, and further strengthened our approach to ethics and compliance.

For more information on our performance against our strategy, please see:

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