Being a responsible citizen

Our purpose as a global medicines company is inherently social, and we have a responsibility, together with governments and civil society, to contribute solutions to big societal problems such as climate change and antimicrobial resistance. We can help drive positive change by harnessing the assets that make us successful in the first place: people, ideas and capital. For information on how we help combat the global problem of falsified medicines, please see the section “Embrace operational excellence.”

In this section

Enhancing environmental sustainability Our commitment to environmental sustainability is an important part of how we build trust with society and is aligned with our purpose. Unless we can operate sustainably, our efforts to improve and extend people’s lives may be compromised by our environmental impact.

Advancing our program to combat antimicrobial resistance Novartis supports the global scientific consensus that overuse, underuse and misuse of antimicrobial medicines all contribute to the spread of AMR, and that a balanced approach encompassing prevention, stewardship, access and innovation is needed.

Conducting animal research responsibly Novartis is committed to using alternatives to animal research wherever feasible. Our global policy and standards define key principles, responsibilities and requirements governing animal research. All studies sponsored by Novartis, whether conducted internally or externally, must adhere to our policy and standards.