Access principle 1: research and development

We systematically assess our research and development portfolio against the unmet needs of underserved populations. We select countries and sites to implement clinical trials based on medical needs, and we only initiate clinical trials in countries where we intend to make the medicine available to patients. We also work with governments and nongovernmental organizations to increase clinical trial capabilities in LMICs, with the goal of bringing more innovation to patients.

For more information on our research and development activities for malaria, sickle cell disease and other neglected diseases, please see the section “Deliver transformative innovation.”

Adaptive development

Beyond our investigational therapies, we also adapt existing medicines for different patient groups or for diverse environments. In 2021, for example, our Sandoz teams worked on a pediatric-friendly formulation of hydroxyurea to treat SCD that received conditional approval in Ghana less than six months after submission.

Our adaptive development work supports our global health flagship programs, as well as a range of other therapeutic areas. For more information, please see the “Selected adaptive development projects” table in the appendix of this report.