Innovative Medicines

The Innovative Medicines (IM) Division includes the Novartis Oncology and Novartis Pharmaceuticals business units. Novartis Pharmaceuticals focuses on the franchises of Immunology, Hepatology and Dermatology; Neuroscience; Ophthalmology; Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism; Respiratory and Allergy; and Established Medicines. Novartis Oncology, which provides treatments for a variety of cancers and rare diseases, consists of the Hematology and Solid Tumor franchises.

42.0 bn

Innovative Medicines net sales (USD), up 6% (cc)

The IM Division delivered net sales of USD 42.0 billion in 2021, an increase of 6% (cc) from the prior year. Overall, products that we consider our key growth drivers contributed 52% of IM net sales in 2021, compared with 44% in 2020, demonstrating our ability to renew our product portfolio and offset the impact of patent expirations. Core operating income for the IM Division was USD 15.2 billion, up 10% (cc).

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

The Novartis Pharmaceuticals business unit had net sales of USD 26.5 billion in 2021, an increase of 7% (cc) from the prior year, supported by continued growth in key products across multiple franchises.

Immunology, Hepatology and Dermatology

Sales reached USD 5.8 billion, an increase of 18% (cc) from the previous year. Cosentyx saw strong growth with sales of USD 4.7 billion, up 17% (cc). This was driven by sustained demand across indications in the US and Europe, as well as strong volume growth in China after the product was included in the country’s National Reimbursement Drug List. Sales of Ilaris reached USD 1.1 billion, up 22% (cc), with double-digit growth across all regions.


Sales were USD 5.1 billion, increasing by 15% (cc), mainly due to expanded access in Europe and other markets for Zolgensma, as well as Kesimpta launch uptake. Zolgensma reached blockbuster status with sales of USD 1.4 billion, up 46% (cc). Sales of Kesimpta reached USD 372 million. Meanwhile, sales of Gilenya decreased 9% (cc) to USD 2.8 billion due to increased competition.


Sales were USD 4.3 billion, declining by 4% (cc) from the previous year due to generic competition for our mature ophthalmology portfolio. Lucentis sales grew 8% (cc) to USD 2.2 billion. Xiidra sales grew 24% (cc) to USD 468 million. Beovu sales declined 3% (cc) to USD 186 million.

Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism

Sales were USD 3.6 billion, up 40% (cc), driven by sustained growth for Entresto, which registered sales of USD 3.5 billion, up 40% (cc). Entresto was approved in the US in 2021 for an expanded indication in patients with left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) below normal. It was also approved for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure) in Japan and China. Meanwhile, Leqvio, our treatment for high cholesterol, registered sales of USD 12 million. Leqvio is approved in more than 45 countries, with most awaiting reimbursement.

Respiratory and Allergy

Sales were USD 2.1 billion, up 6% (cc). Xolair delivered 12% (cc) on-year growth with sales of USD 1.4 billion, mainly driven by the chronic spontaneous urticaria and severe allergic asthma indications. In 2021, Xolair was approved for self-injection in the US.

Established Medicines

Sales were USD 5.7 billion, down 10% (cc) from the previous year, as sales of established medicines such as Diovan and Galvus continued to decline as a result of generic competition.

Novartis Oncology

The Novartis Oncology business unit delivered net sales of USD 15.5 billion, an increase of 4% (cc) from the prior year. The performance underscores the strength of our oncology portfolio, with solid growth in sales of key products.


Sales were USD 8.4 billion, up 6% (cc) from the prior year. Promacta, which is known as Revolade outside the US, grew 15% (cc) to USD 2.0 billion, with double-digit growth across all regions, driven by increased use in chronic immune thrombocytopenia and as first-line treatment for severe aplastic anemia. Sales of Tasigna grew 4% (cc) to USD 2.1 billion, mainly driven by growth in emerging markets.

Jakavi showed double-digit growth across all regions to register sales of USD 1.6 billion, up 16% (cc) from the previous year, driven by strong demand in the myelofibrosis and polycythemia vera indications. Kymriah saw growth across all markets as coverage for the chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy continued to expand, with sales of USD 587 million representing a 22% (cc) increase from the previous year.

Solid Tumor

Sales were USD 7.1 billion, up 2% (cc) from the previous year. The performance was led by Kisqali, which continued to see growth across all regions with sales of USD 937 million, up 36% (cc). Tafinlar + Mekinist, a combination therapy, registered an 8% (cc) increase in sales to USD 1.7 billion as demand increased in the BRAF+ adjuvant melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer indications. Tabrecta registered USD 90 million in sales in its first full year after launch, as the lung cancer treatment continued to gain traction in the US. Meanwhile, sales of three products – Sandostatin, Afinitor/Votubia, and Votrient – declined due to increased competition in major markets.

Innovative Medicines 2021 net sales by business unit and franchise

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Innovative Medicines 2021 net sales by business unit and franchise (Pie chart)