Engaging customers

We continue to invest in digital tools to provide personalization and better experiences for customers. These include AI-powered digital assistants to optimize the content, timing and method of communications with physicians based on their preferences. For example, a tool used by our Medical Affairs function provides data insights to 685 field-based medical science liaisons in 28 countries, helping to personalize their engagements with healthcare professionals.

Such tools are part of a broader initiative to tailor information to the needs of healthcare professionals. This enterprise-wide, multiyear effort uses data insights to provide relevant information to physicians at the right time, through preferred channels, and at a frequency that best meets their needs – helping to improve the quality of our commercial and medical affairs interactions.

In the US, commercial teams working on Cosentyx, Promacta and our portfolio of breast cancer medicines are using predictive analytics and machine learning to determine the most effective mix of face-to-face and digital communications to healthcare professionals – a personalized approach that has led to increased customer engagement. We aim to scale it to additional countries, including Germany and China.