Novartis in Society Integrated Report 2022

A cancer patient gets a new lease on life

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A cancer patient gets a new lease on life

After being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, Van Lacour received a Novartis radioligand therapy as part of a managed access program in 2021. Today, he is living a fulfilling life in his hometown of Natchez, Louisiana, US.

Photography: Getty Images for Novartis

Photo: Van is seen at a river close to his house, where he likes to go for short walks. First diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007, Van went through a variety of treatments including chemotherapy before receiving a Novartis radioligand therapy in 2021.

“My main thing is, I kept a good attitude. I had outstanding support from my family and my friends. Everybody has different degrees of what they are going through. Stay upbeat – it makes the world of difference.”

Photo: Van likes to sit in his backyard with a good biography. With his illness under control, Van says he feels optimistic about the future and hopes to spend more time with his four children and five grandchildren. Prostate cancer is among the most frequently diagnosed cancers in men and causes more than 30 000 deaths in the US every year.

Photo: Van enjoys eating at his cousin’s Creole restaurant, where the staff all know him, in Natchez, Louisiana,

“I grew up in Baton Rouge. With a Creole heritage, I was born into that. It’s like a big family.”

Photo: Van is seen cutting his hedge. Although his illness means he still sometimes feels fatigued, Van says he has more energy these days to do the things he enjoys – like working in his garden.

Photo: Van also enjoys taking photographs and listening to his collection of old records.

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